About Us

Hey, welcome to the Media Shop- a blog run by a collection of communications students at William Woods University in Fulton MO, USA. Our goal as students is to actively learn about subject matter in our field of study, and then share what we learn with the rest of the internet.

There’s no denying it. Media continues to have more of an immediate impact on our world every day. We’re just here to help you stay in charge and up to date on the changes instead of the changes ruling you.


Meet Our Crew!


Kara Profile PictureHiya! I’m Kara Jeffers, a sophomore who’s in too many student clubs but still finds time to binge watch “Psych” and other TV shows.  Working on the Media Shop has taught me so much about my field of study and what goes on behind the scenes of running a blog. To read some of my articles just click this link: kara337



Carla Profile PictureI’m Carla, a senior communication student at Woods. I am from Canada, and I love sports, music, TV and drinking hot tea. Contributing to the media shop gives me a chance to share my thoughts as well as pushes me to be resourceful in order to provide effective content. Check out some of my work here: CVWhite



Taylor Profile PictureHey guys! Im Taylor, a senior at William Woods studying Equine Science. I love learning more about the internet, media, and what the future of technology has in store for us. Check out my articles at tkleone.



Jason Profile PictureWhat’s up, my name is Jason Walker, my nickname is JWalk. I’m a senior who’s on the basketball team at William Woods University, and I love sports. Working on the Media Shop has helped me become more aware about what is going on in the world. Visit jwalk2fly to read articles I have written.



Courtney Profile PictureHi everyone! I’m Courtney and I’m a senior graphic design major from Perry, Missouri. When I’m not busy working for my photography business and being a full time student you can usually find me hanging out with my perfect golden retriever. When asked to describe myself I typically describe myself as goofy and creative. You can enjoy my articles at courtneymae15.


Colin_KesslerI am Collin Kessler, a sophomore who plays baseball while working on a major in Communications and minor in Business. I spend most of my free time watching The Office, but if you have some free time, check out my past articles on the Media Shop at Collin Kessler.