Media Chat: Social Media and Romantic Relationships

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Carla: We’re talking about social media and romantic relationships!

Carla: Initial thoughts on how our romantic relationships have been impacted?

Lauren: I’ve seen relationships start and end on social media. Loaded topic!

Jason: Ooh interesting!

Carla: Do you guys think social media provides a healthy space for creating the foundation for a healthy relationship?

Lauren: No

Jason: It depends

Carla: Do you guys know lots of couples that have started dating or initially met online?

Lauren: I think that the jealousy involved with trying to “one-up” our friends by posting pics of our significant others has gotten out of hand

Lauren: I have a friend who met her boyfriend on tinder and they’re still together 3 years later. I guess it works for some people

Jason: I do, I had a relationship that started from being online. It was awkward seeing each other in person when we first met though.

Carla: What do you think is a key factor for a healthy relationship that started online?

Carla: Do you think couples need to have discussions about social media conduct?

Lauren: Definitely a healthy mix of online and face to face connection!

Lauren: I think it should be talked about, but it’s hard to actually keep up with that and make sure it stays even, ya know?

Jason: To answer your question Carla, I think they should. The couple needs to know their boundaries of each other’s page.

Carla: Can you explain that a little more Jason?

Jason: I’m talking about privacy mostly for social media…

Mackenna: I think that it could provide a healthy relationship, the people just need to create boundaries just like Jason was saying. It’s crazy to me though that people really truly do find someone on a place like tinder and be together for years and get married.

Lauren: What do you mean by that, Jason?

Mackenna: For me personally I’m a more in-person type of gal

Lauren: Same here. I don’t think you can really get a feel for who someone is online

Carla: But wouldn’t you guys agree that relationships can be built via social media/online?

Mackenna: I agree they can yes

Jason: I believe they can

Lauren: They can, I just don’t know how long they’re going to last

Lauren: I think we’ve all experienced both. What’s worked and what hasn’t?

Carla: If you included FaceTime too I guess that kinda counts as face to face

Mackenna: To an extent yes but the problem with FaceTime is it’s still not the physical aspect of it all

Carla: Maybe it’s just always a gamble when it comes to people meeting online?

Jason: A gamble?

Mackenna: Yeah cause you don’t know what it will get in person

Lauren: And it’s probably not what you expected

Carla: Why is there such a stigma about people who are dating, who met online?

Carla: Like Lauren said earlier, relationships that begin online might not last… but what’s the major factor that changes those odds beside the online aspect?

Lauren: I think it depends on if the real person lives up to their online persona

Mackenna: I think there’s a stigma behind it because people are uncertain of the odds of you being safe or then being real or what if they have another relationship with someone else and are living 2 lives?

Jason: Y’all ever been cat fished? (lured into a relationship by means of a fictional online persona)

Mackenna: Nope never

Mackenna: Have you??

Lauren: No

Carla: I’ve never been catfished appearance wise, but I’ve experienced someone who is great and funny via text and then super lame and awkward in person

Mackenna: I hate when that happens

Carla: According to “53% of Americans fabricate parts of their online dating profiles”

Jason: Maybe but that’s why you can’t trust people online…

Mackenna: Lol so you have been cat fished Jason?

Jason: Yes and no

Lauren: No way Jason! More info please.

Mackenna: What happened?

Jason: Appearance wise with a girl looking physically different in person than on her online platforms. Personality wise too – great on the phone and through text, but terrible personality in person.

Mackenna: You were too good for her anyways Jason

Jason: Appreciate it. Moving on…

Carla: Do you guys think it’s important to post about your relationships so that other people know you are in a relationship?

Mackenna: To an extent yes because you should be proud of the person that you are interested in and want people to see how much you like them, you know?

Lauren: Yes, but some people just aren’t as into sharing about their personal lives. I think as long as you are confident in your relationship and your partner knows that, it’s shouldn’t matter.

Jason: Or if you don’t want anyone in your business then you wouldn’t post them.

Mackenna: I can see where you are all coming from. I think as long as you aren’t obsessive about it all then it’s ok

Carla: But is it shady if people don’t make their relationship status public?

Lauren: Even if it’s not meant to be, we totally think it is. I think people know what online things look like to other people

Lauren: If that makes sense

Carla: Well check out these stats from PEW Research Center:


Mackenna: I don’t because I’m never on social media and I never post

Lauren: I don’t post often either. I’m just the silent observer

Carla: Ok. Thanks for sharing everyone!

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